Developer Files

These are files intended to be used by developers working on the MK Consultant Tools project. End users of the software will not need to download these files in order to use the software; their source and binaries will be incorporated into the software package for the end user as appropriate.

These files are not necessarily released under the GPL like the main files of the project, since they were not developed by the MK Consultant Tools project. Their copyrights and licenses are those used by the program authors; see the relevant license files for information.


RelativeLayout is a handy package for assembling Swing UI layouts. I could not find an obvious top-level website from which to download this software, so I am making it available here. RelativeLayout is written by James J. Elliot of Brunch Boy Design. Please see the License.txt document for copyright and redistribution details.


In order to use RelativeLayout, you also need JDOM, which you may obtain at JDOM is not included in any of the RelativeLayout distribution files above. When you unzip the source distribution of RelativeLayout, there will be a "lib" directory in which to place the JDOM .jar file. Logo